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My name is AYDIN. I was born in French . I'm married and i have three kids. I would like to introduce my homepage. It is called O AYDIN TV.

I would be very happy if you would take a look at it. I am Deaf and use French sign language and Turkish sign language ​.
I like to international sign language. My nickname is O AYDIN . Since we hearing-impaired can´t hear, we communicate with sign language. 

​I like to play the main role of the sign language, as I well Sign language also includes body language, performance artist, comedy, action, visual vernacular, gestures, mimic, news tv, one man show, web & graphic designer, visual creation, computer support, cinematography techniques and scholarship. I want to shoot a movie. Film projects are my favorite hobby.

​My hobby is filming and photography, producing self-made films and editing my photos. It gives me a lot of joy good.
I still remember what action movies,video, etc... were played. I first watched the movies of video. I acquired great body language, visual vernacular skills and a funny mimic thanks to these movies, so I was very fond of playing with the people. It was nice.

I hope that I could arouse interest in my homepage and that you like it. I wish all visitors a lot of fun while watching and that everyone here findes something interesting for themselves.

I also have other social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok you are more interested in it, then you can visit me past the above page. Just click on the social media button page above.

The energy of forgiveness contains strength and courage that gives you the opportunity to do more. Get motivated.

vous support me like subscriber thanks!

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Brings you his expertise in each of these areas.

Graphic design, photography, desktop publishing, websites, catalogs.

Logos, graphic charter, illustration, flyers, business card, catalogs, retouching and image processing.

Computer Support

Multimedia, Internet Tools, Software Download, Photomontage / Editing, Video Editing, Health Check, Virus Eradication, PC Repair, Formatting, Hard Disk Recovery, PC & Network Installation to different media, Computers, Phones, Tablets, Smartphones, Iphones, Ipads , Accessories Media

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